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Cara, for the idea :)

And Julie too!

Portrait is the perfect day, even though I was pretty chubby - better now, but still on the road...

Knitting progress on the Mommy Snug has been halted by Christmas gift knitting, but I did get pretty far on the back, so that's a good thing. I doubt I'll have it finished for her by Christmas though, which is rather sad - but not unexpected. The good thing is that non-handmade Christmas gifts have mostly been purchased online already, and a bunch of them showed up today!

Yay for not procrastinating this year!

no longer MIA

Have I mentioned that life is crazy?

If I haven't, LIFE IS CRAZY!!!!!!

Hawaii was AWESOME! I wore my Bonita shirt on the plane, and thank goodness it was comfy, because I was on that plane for a REALLY long time! We flew in on the day of the earthquake, landed just fine, but since the power was out at the airport, we got stuck ON THE PLANE for an extra 3-1/2 hours.

That's 8-1/2 hours

ON ... THE ... PLANE!!!

The rest of the trip was fab - we ended our crankiness with some food once we finally got to our destination, slept, and spent the next 8 days enjoying the beach, the pool, the sun, the scenery, and some yummy food :)

Job has been really good as well - things are moving along, I'm finding things pretty easy, and getting good feedback, so YAY! I'm officially an instructional designer!

New knitting:
Mommy Snug Interweave Knits 2006 (scroll down)

I hope it fits. I hope that I get it done before she has the baby!!
See that pooch in the middle? That's for the BABY! hahahahah I LOVE IT! My first-ever attempt at short rows. I don't think there are any holes, but I haven't totally stretched it out yet to see...

I've really missed reading blogs, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up one of these days and start leaving comments again... :) feel free to leave me one! I'm better at answering email...

Happy Thanksgiving!