Update - what is going on!?!?

OK, so even though this is my first pregnancy, I think the belly is out of control. I mean, granted, I was a chubster to begin with, but good grief!!!
This is at 14 weeks and JUST into the 2nd trimester. It's the first belly pic because, to tell you the truth, I did NOT want to look at the pre-preggo belly. At least with this one, I have an excuse!
I just started wearing maternity stuff, because I seriously can't button even my FATTEST of fat pants anymore. I think that says it all...

Yes! There has been knitting! I finally got off my butt (although literally, I'm still on my butt on the couch) and started some gifts! The little striped hat is for my new little cousin - and I'm also going to give them a tomato hat (see sidebar for pics). I'm also making something for his Christmas present, but I don't know if I should post that yet...

Well, OK, I will - his mom probably doesn't read the blog, she's busy with a newborn!!! hahahaha :)

This is actually a really cute blankie, but I'm making it in worsted weight (same as the cardigan) instead of sport weight, so I don't think I'll need as many repeats to make it big enough. I've messed up a LITTLE bit, but I don't think it's really noticeable - just gives it character... yeah, character, that's it. ;)

I'm still alive!

Well, there's a reason I've been MIA for a while...

...and those of you who've been there can relate...

...really tired...

...really sick...

...every day, all day, for the last 3 weeks...


We're PREGNANT!!!!! Due June 4th!!

I haven't been knitting since I found out - being exhausted all the time really limits your creative energy I guess. My speed has been lay on the couch, watch TV. MAYBE I can read a book. Knitting has not been in the cards - BUT I just got a medication for the morning sickness (make that all-day-everyday-but mostly-afternoon/evening sickness) , and am feeling MUCH better. I now feel like I have energy to do stuff, even though the side effects are supposed to be that you're more tired and possibly dizzy. I'm still going to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 every night, but at least I'm not a slug all afternoon also! :)

Hopefully I'll have some more knitting content next time around - I need to take a picture of the simple raglan cardigan - it's an FO! It will be a gift though since it is too big in the arm area and just all around - although, now that I'm preggo, maybe I'll need that... we'll see ;)

Hope everyone is doing well!


Blocking - simple raglan cardigan

I did finally get around to blocking, sewing, and knitting the button bands for this simple raglan cardigan. I only have the sleeve-blocking photo to share at the moment, and it's too dark now to take more pictures, but I'll get it eventually :) Of course, now that it's almost done, I think it's too big for me. If I can't get it to shrink right in the wash, it will have to be another gifty... :) gifts are good though - one less Christmas gift to knit, right?

Hannah's shrug

Hannah's shrug
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This one was the I'm-putting-off-blocking-and-sewing-up-the-really-huge-sweater-for-me project. Very quick and easy - hopefully it will be cute on, when Hannah gets big enough. She is the cutest baby ever though, so she probably can make ANYTHING look cute :)

Raglan baby sweater

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Another of those things that's been done for a while... and no, I haven't figured out how to blog more than 1 photo at a time from Flickr... :)

This is for my new cousin, and was fun to make - I like the color combinations on this yarn. It's Sugar & Cream, but I forget the colorway - and I gave away the leftovers to a friend who's learning to knit! yay! :) I added the little heart on the front as purl stitches, then did a chain-stitch embroidery around the edge (not very well) with a cotton embroidery floss.

She has received her gift, and I am told she loved it, but of course, newborns aren't picky! hehehehe

"L" Sweater

"L" Sweater
"L" Sweater,
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A little something made for my cousin L. She is a cutie-patootie, and this sweater should fit her when fall rolls around. It's a size 2T I think... From the "Double Scoop" pattern, in Red Heart Hokey Pokey. I didn't even realize that the orange stripes didn't match on the arms until L's mom pointed it out - hehehehe - OOPS! Oh well, it's artistic license, right?

Updates - long overdue

Wow, I know, this is pretty ridiculous that I haven't blogged in months... but! I've gotten some knitting done! :) This is a baby hat I just started while blocking sweater pieces for a sweater for me! :) I'm using Flickr now, so I don't have to upload a ton of photos each time I want to blog - hopefully that will make things quicker all around.. we'll see. I've got to figure out how to blog more than one photo at a time. In the meantime, I think the link on this photo will bring you to my "Projects" photo set. I'm going to see if I can get the photos of everything else I've been working on all in one more post... :)
KnitPicks "Palette" - Tidepool Heather,
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Well, I have not gone down the drain (as my gramma used to say when I'd stay in the bath too long as a kid). I'm here, I've just been completely overwhelmed with things happening all the time! I am really looking forward to just CHILLING OUT! sheesh!

Muggsy is awesome, but an extra time commitment of course. I think he appreciates a walk in the evenings more than the pictures I would post of him on the blog - especially since I don't think dogs can see in 2D...

He really likes to tear around through the backyard...

...and eat grass when I'm not looking

Knitting Content!

There are more finished objects!!!

First off, some new baby beanies...

This one is the "I think I'll try the picot cast-on... ok that was OK, but now it needs something, how about some eyelets?... maybe it needs some color" version. I'm not sure. I think I should have just stuck with the one color. oh well.

Secondly, a sweater - it's small, but it's still a sweater!

Modelled here by the lovely mom-to-be (now official mom), this is the free Bernat Baby Coordinates hoodie pattern.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the pictures are a little better. That's because for my birthday, my wonderful hubby gave me a new camera! I'm still learning the settings, but it seems to take MUCH better just-point-and-shoot pictures than the old one, and (this part is amazing) pays attention when I want to take a detailed photo!!!

More news tomorrow - I'm off to more knitting! :)