Non-knitting News - It's a Boy!

... dog that is. :)

He's a cutie - SO sweet and lovey-dovey. He's hanging out with me all day when I'm working at home. His name is Muggsy, and we LOVE him!

We've had him for about two weeks, but while we were away, we had to send him to be doggy-sat because it was too overwhelming for him to be in a new place, with new people, and with 3 other new dogs for 5 days or so. We missed him tons though, and are happy to have him home again permanently.

He is SUCH a smart dog too - we have to be careful about locking the door into the garage from the house or he wants to follow us wherever we go! hehehe He even opened the door to the backyard (which opens inward) while were were at the gym last night! Our floors will never be the same, but we LOVE him! :D

Santa was good to me

Hello! I hope that you all had a lovely celebration of the holiday season - whatever you celebrate :)

Christmas knitting (unfortunately not pictured) was finished in the very last moments - at 2 am Christmas morning. WHEW!! I didn't bring the now broken sucky digital camera on our Christmas trip, so had to give things away without pictures.

After Christmas though, I did make a couple of baby hats for the fun of it, and since I have a couple of friends who are pregnant, it works out well. :)

These are done in Patons Grace cotton - a discontinued color, the leftovers from my Bonita shirt. I found the pattern in Knit It! Fall/Winter 2006 (which I can't find a website for), but it's apparently from Louisa Harding's book, Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. The real pattern is striped and SUPER cute, but this is the only yarn I had with me, so no stripes for these ones. The little girl version is super cute too :) I've never tried picot edging before, so I may tackle that soon. But, since I'm home now with my unfinished projects (like the mommy snug) sitting around waiting for me, I think I'll table that exploration for later ;)

Christmas was really nice - hung out with the in-laws and just relaxed in the wine country :) Lots of fun gifts were given and received, and tested out by all - especially the back massage pillow that my father in-law got, It's very loud, but feels really good! While Santa did not bring a new digital camera this year, he did bring a new all-in-one printer, which is AWESOME. I've been wanting that for over a year already, so I'm very happy :)

Well, back to work for me - hopefully all the Windows Update installations have fixed the problem on my work computer... :)

Happy New Year!!