Santa was good to me

Hello! I hope that you all had a lovely celebration of the holiday season - whatever you celebrate :)

Christmas knitting (unfortunately not pictured) was finished in the very last moments - at 2 am Christmas morning. WHEW!! I didn't bring the now broken sucky digital camera on our Christmas trip, so had to give things away without pictures.

After Christmas though, I did make a couple of baby hats for the fun of it, and since I have a couple of friends who are pregnant, it works out well. :)

These are done in Patons Grace cotton - a discontinued color, the leftovers from my Bonita shirt. I found the pattern in Knit It! Fall/Winter 2006 (which I can't find a website for), but it's apparently from Louisa Harding's book, Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. The real pattern is striped and SUPER cute, but this is the only yarn I had with me, so no stripes for these ones. The little girl version is super cute too :) I've never tried picot edging before, so I may tackle that soon. But, since I'm home now with my unfinished projects (like the mommy snug) sitting around waiting for me, I think I'll table that exploration for later ;)

Christmas was really nice - hung out with the in-laws and just relaxed in the wine country :) Lots of fun gifts were given and received, and tested out by all - especially the back massage pillow that my father in-law got, It's very loud, but feels really good! While Santa did not bring a new digital camera this year, he did bring a new all-in-one printer, which is AWESOME. I've been wanting that for over a year already, so I'm very happy :)

Well, back to work for me - hopefully all the Windows Update installations have fixed the problem on my work computer... :)

Happy New Year!!


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