Lots of fun stuff going on over the weekend - I finished a hat that was supposed to be for the baby, but it turned out too big (you know, maybe I should actually check gauge before I just knit the whole project, hmmm??). It's ok though because it was not a girly color, just green and off-white, and very plain design, so Ryan liked it - of course, now he wants another one hehehe. I also made a hat for ME! YAY! I have been wearing DH's Giants' hat for walking the dog in the morning since it's been so cold, but that's really dorky - so I made one for myself from Moda Dea Cache. I'll have to post pictures later since I haven't taken them yet. :)

I also remembered to get a belly pic last week! (finally) so this is 20-weeks, 1-day:
Now, please keep in mind, that is NOT a flock-of-seagulls haircut, it's part of the picture behind me. I'll have to ask DH to check for that next time we take one of these! hahahha

We've been busy doing nursery stuff over the weekend too - we bought some dressers, painted the baseboards, bought paint (we picked different colors that actually go better with the bedding), and sold the daybed! Wooohooo!!! lots of progress!!

On a side-note, Babycenter is not letting me into the bulletin boards today, and I'm very sad! This is what I DO all day!! hahahaha Work? what's work? heheheh just kidding - but if any of you are reading this from BBC, I'm still alive, baby is still great, and I'll catch up when it finally lets me back in! :)

baby update!

It's a girl!!! I have been very lax in terms of scanning the ultrasound pictures, but we got a good profile & a good face shot! She was moving around and dancing like crazy, and even flipped over for us, it was SOOOO awesome to watch!

Now that we know she's a girl, we've started to plan the nursery - we'll do a beach/surfer-girl theme, and paint the walls a light and bright turquoise for fun, then paint some big beachy/surfer shape outlines on the walls in hot pink, like so (or close - the colors aren't perfect that's for sure):

The crib bedding will just be a modern pattern with lots of colors, since I haven't seen anything girly with this theme that I really like - AND I don't want EVERYTHING to be pink. I'm sure she'll get PLENTY of pink things as gifts along the way :) Maybe something like this:

We're starting our registry tonight - wish us luck! and please wish me a non-grumpy husband! hahahaha

Oh, and I do plan to take a new belly-pic, hopefully I'll remember tonight, but since I've said that for a week, no guarantee.... hehehe