baby update!

It's a girl!!! I have been very lax in terms of scanning the ultrasound pictures, but we got a good profile & a good face shot! She was moving around and dancing like crazy, and even flipped over for us, it was SOOOO awesome to watch!

Now that we know she's a girl, we've started to plan the nursery - we'll do a beach/surfer-girl theme, and paint the walls a light and bright turquoise for fun, then paint some big beachy/surfer shape outlines on the walls in hot pink, like so (or close - the colors aren't perfect that's for sure):

The crib bedding will just be a modern pattern with lots of colors, since I haven't seen anything girly with this theme that I really like - AND I don't want EVERYTHING to be pink. I'm sure she'll get PLENTY of pink things as gifts along the way :) Maybe something like this:

We're starting our registry tonight - wish us luck! and please wish me a non-grumpy husband! hahahaha

Oh, and I do plan to take a new belly-pic, hopefully I'll remember tonight, but since I've said that for a week, no guarantee.... hehehe


Jofrog said...

Yeah for girls!

amy said...

Just wondering where you found this nursery set, I love it!

Meg said...

Hi Amy -
The set is NoJo "Como" and I found it at both Babies R Us & Target - online though, not in the store. I love it too, thanks! :) Keep in mind though that it's not really a clear pink - more of a dark orange with a pink-ishness to it, and then a lighter orangey-pink. :)

and Johanna - yes YAY for girls!!! hehehe

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