Lots of fun stuff going on over the weekend - I finished a hat that was supposed to be for the baby, but it turned out too big (you know, maybe I should actually check gauge before I just knit the whole project, hmmm??). It's ok though because it was not a girly color, just green and off-white, and very plain design, so Ryan liked it - of course, now he wants another one hehehe. I also made a hat for ME! YAY! I have been wearing DH's Giants' hat for walking the dog in the morning since it's been so cold, but that's really dorky - so I made one for myself from Moda Dea Cache. I'll have to post pictures later since I haven't taken them yet. :)

I also remembered to get a belly pic last week! (finally) so this is 20-weeks, 1-day:
Now, please keep in mind, that is NOT a flock-of-seagulls haircut, it's part of the picture behind me. I'll have to ask DH to check for that next time we take one of these! hahahha

We've been busy doing nursery stuff over the weekend too - we bought some dressers, painted the baseboards, bought paint (we picked different colors that actually go better with the bedding), and sold the daybed! Wooohooo!!! lots of progress!!

On a side-note, Babycenter is not letting me into the bulletin boards today, and I'm very sad! This is what I DO all day!! hahahaha Work? what's work? heheheh just kidding - but if any of you are reading this from BBC, I'm still alive, baby is still great, and I'll catch up when it finally lets me back in! :)


annie said...

Hey Meg! This is Annie from BBC! Just thought I'd cruise through your blog. I love the furniture... very cute! And the bedding you chose is just adorable! Perfect for a sweet baby girl!! I have a blog too - but it's invite-only. If you would like to be invited, send me your email address... mine is in my profile on blogger.
See ya on the boards!

Oh - and my daughters are starting to learn how to knit - my mom is teaching them some when she is around. Already my 4 year old knows how to cast on and I that's more than I could have taught them!! I hope to learn myself one day! Maybe my 4 year old can teach me! ;o)

annie said...

Hey again! i got your comment - thanks for checking out my blog. Winter Wonders was a swap thing that a bunch of girls (all my age and semi-newlyweds (I'm the one married the longest)) did a swap organized by one girl. They started it last summer - Summer Swap? I think it was, and then did Awesome Autumn, then Winter Wonders. She'll likely do one for the spring, too. It's so fun to get the goodies for others, and then to get goodies FROM others! lots of fun!!

I was thinking of organizing something similar on the Junebugs thread for all us mamas... but baby gifts, you know?? Secret Mommies is what I think it was called when I had DD in 2003. She got a very cute baby bracelet with her name on it that we still have (miraculously!)

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