Wedding Books!

Finally finished the wedding photo book from Mixbook!

They arrived today and they look great, so I'm pleased.  The big one that I plan to keep at our house was delivered to the shipping/receiving area @ work instead of my building (darn UPS), so still haven't seen that one, but the little ones I got just fine.  Soft-cover about 8-9" squar(ish), and beautiful.

I'm very happy with how they turned out, even though I didn't get them done in time for our anniversary :)

"L" Sweater & baby hats

Learning = Affective Context

Awesome video explaining "Affective Context" which explains why we might want to move toward a "pull" learning model instead of a "push" model - because it works better!

Lacy Cocoon Kit - Grey from

Lacy Cocoon Kit - Grey from

What do you think? good for a "rotund" girl, or not so much?