Hi hi!!
I'm a terrible blogger - I think it was Ann who decided to not feel guilty about that, maybe I should try to join her. Anyway! I have been knitting, but since there is a baby to take care of, and my husband pretty much monopolizes the computer when we ARE home, I don't have many pictures to show you. I am hoping to take some this weekend, and I want to update my Ravelry stuff too, 'cause it's just too cool a tool to NOT use it! :)

I just finished a baby shrug for my cousin's baby, and before that one for my little one, a baby hat for my other cousin's baby (but then determined that a cotton, small, thin hat is not good for a growing baby in October in Buffalo, NY), and am now working on a baby raglan sweater for that same baby. THEN I will work on a velvet-edged jacket for a co-worker's baby (she's still preggo), and then a baby shawl for another co-worker's baby (who is 5 days younger than my daughter!). SO MUCH BABY KNITTING!

I will try to post some new pics this weekend - around DD's portrait appointment, how FUN!

oh - and in other news, I'm starting a NEW JOB on the 20th! YAY! I'm super-excited!! wish me luck, I think it's going to be more intense, but more fulfilling at the same time. AND I get to work at home 1 day per week to take care of DD, so YAY!

hope everyone is doing well!