More Finished Objects!

A couple more FOs to show:

This is the fruit baby hat - see sidebar for pattern link. I made a couple of these in different colors, but have already given them away without taking pictures (oops!), so use your imagination for a lemon and a peach one :)

This one is the raglan baby sweater - again, see sidebar for pattern link. It's a really bad picture, I'm sorry - I'll take another one in the sunshine this weekend, then need to wrap these up and give them away! :) I hope the baby this is for gets big enough to wear it when it's still cold! I thought bigger would last longer, but I'm nervous it will be too big, oh well, we'll just have to see :)

I may be helping my sister figure out a pattern for a tube-top she saw in Cosmo that she wants to make - we have a sleeveless shell pattern to start from, but any ideas anyone has about tube-top construction (she should be able to hold it up OK, but better safe than sorry, right?) would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great long weekend! :)

On the Needles

Well, my camera is quite lame apparently and is unable to focus, so these are the best I've got:

Currently on the needles: Bonita Shirt,
Interweave Knits - Summer 2006

bonita shirt progressI've enjoyed this one so far - I'm at the point of starting the waist shaping (and I'm just hoping I'm measuring from the right point, if not, I'd have to rip back quite a bit, and I don't want to do that). This was the first time I've tried the crochet chain cast-on, and I really did NOT enjoy that.

And, I wish I would have read
Jenny's blog and seen her reference to Nona's awesome left-slanting decrease options before I started.(I like # 7 the best, go Nona) Can you see my problem here?

bonita shirt detailHow about now?

Seriously irritating jagged left slant compared to the right. Oh well, I'm not starting over now, and I don't want to switch in the middle of the sweater. Next time, I am definitely using the fab-o-rama Nona left decrease.

P's Sweater

Thanks Ann, for my very first blog comment! :D

The pattern is from Tahki/Stacey Charles, Fall/Winter 2004, which doesn't seem to be shown on their site - although some of the patterns from this book are in the free patterns section (of course not this one). It's the #14 Fitted Cable Jacket, design by Rosemary Drysdale. I did start it in the medium size, make the ENTIRE back of it, held it up to my mom (who's about the same size as P) and went CRAP. Ripped the whole thing, and started the large size - then also extended the length about 2".

Apparently everything is short on P because she has a longer torso than average, and then with her swimmer shoulders, the large worked out better. :) She's actually a great swimmer, and I had the pleasure of watching her at a swim meet earlier this summer and was AMAZED - she usually gets around 2nd place at her meets, so REALLY good :D

Homeowners Drama

So, we now have a NEW sprinkler timer, and while there was some possibility of a hospital trip for stitches to DH's thumb, it was not necessary! So good things all around - the sprinklers go on and off BY THEMSELVES, EVERY DAY, and hopefully the grass will be happy :)

In other news, the "big" Labor Day plans include:
  1. sleepover at our house with sister and cousin
  2. painting bedroom furniture
  3. DH working on Monday (while not a good vacation thing, this does mean more knitting time for me!)
I do however have some more FOs to post in the side bar, but for interest's sake, I'll post them here as well. Please excuse the terrible photos, I really need a new camera :)
Gramma's V-neck
Gramma's V-neck
This was actually originally made for me, but then I lost weight and it was too big, and since Gramma liked it, it is now hers :) Don't tell her I posted her picture, she'll get mad. By the way, that is Buttons on the couch - she's not normally allowed up there, but for picture purposes, it was OK. :)

Paige's Sweater
P's Sweater
I'm actually pretty proud of this one - this is the first sweater I started, second finished because I had to special order an orange zipper - who knew? But it has the cables, and the zipper (which I'm sure I didn't sew in correctly, but it's not moving that's for sure). The important thing is P likes it, so all is well. :) [P is my sister by the way]


Well, I'm jumping on the blogging bandwagon. I don't know if anyone will ever read it except me, but I have fun reading other people's blogs, so here goes!
I am a knitter - not a great knitter, more of a newbie, but I have a lot of fun with it. I am currently knitting something from the summer Interweave Knits - the Bonita Shirt - and aside from the pain-in-the-butt cast on, it's going really well. I'll be posting some pictures some other time because I'm still getting the hang of this blog thing, stay tuned!