More Finished Objects!

A couple more FOs to show:

This is the fruit baby hat - see sidebar for pattern link. I made a couple of these in different colors, but have already given them away without taking pictures (oops!), so use your imagination for a lemon and a peach one :)

This one is the raglan baby sweater - again, see sidebar for pattern link. It's a really bad picture, I'm sorry - I'll take another one in the sunshine this weekend, then need to wrap these up and give them away! :) I hope the baby this is for gets big enough to wear it when it's still cold! I thought bigger would last longer, but I'm nervous it will be too big, oh well, we'll just have to see :)

I may be helping my sister figure out a pattern for a tube-top she saw in Cosmo that she wants to make - we have a sleeveless shell pattern to start from, but any ideas anyone has about tube-top construction (she should be able to hold it up OK, but better safe than sorry, right?) would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great long weekend! :)


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