On the Needles

Well, my camera is quite lame apparently and is unable to focus, so these are the best I've got:

Currently on the needles: Bonita Shirt,
Interweave Knits - Summer 2006

bonita shirt progressI've enjoyed this one so far - I'm at the point of starting the waist shaping (and I'm just hoping I'm measuring from the right point, if not, I'd have to rip back quite a bit, and I don't want to do that). This was the first time I've tried the crochet chain cast-on, and I really did NOT enjoy that.

And, I wish I would have read
Jenny's blog and seen her reference to Nona's awesome left-slanting decrease options before I started.(I like # 7 the best, go Nona) Can you see my problem here?

bonita shirt detailHow about now?

Seriously irritating jagged left slant compared to the right. Oh well, I'm not starting over now, and I don't want to switch in the middle of the sweater. Next time, I am definitely using the fab-o-rama Nona left decrease.


Lolly said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for leaving me a comment ;) it led me right to your new blog. Welcome to the blogging world!

I don't recall the Bonita shirt - it looks quite pretty!

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