Update - what is going on!?!?

OK, so even though this is my first pregnancy, I think the belly is out of control. I mean, granted, I was a chubster to begin with, but good grief!!!
This is at 14 weeks and JUST into the 2nd trimester. It's the first belly pic because, to tell you the truth, I did NOT want to look at the pre-preggo belly. At least with this one, I have an excuse!
I just started wearing maternity stuff, because I seriously can't button even my FATTEST of fat pants anymore. I think that says it all...

Yes! There has been knitting! I finally got off my butt (although literally, I'm still on my butt on the couch) and started some gifts! The little striped hat is for my new little cousin - and I'm also going to give them a tomato hat (see sidebar for pics). I'm also making something for his Christmas present, but I don't know if I should post that yet...

Well, OK, I will - his mom probably doesn't read the blog, she's busy with a newborn!!! hahahaha :)

This is actually a really cute blankie, but I'm making it in worsted weight (same as the cardigan) instead of sport weight, so I don't think I'll need as many repeats to make it big enough. I've messed up a LITTLE bit, but I don't think it's really noticeable - just gives it character... yeah, character, that's it. ;)