Labor Day Weekend

Well, I was busy hanging out with my sister and my cousin, shopping, and hanging pictures over the weekend, and completely forgot to take pictures until it was too dark to get good pictures with my crappy camera.

I also had lots of ripping out and re-knitting on the Bonita shirt - apparently I can't count, and can't read a chart. sigh

I think that a trip to Macy's is in order to pick up a shower gift for this weekend - but even more exciting is the YARN HARLOT will be in town Saturday evening - I'm so super excited I can't STAND IT!!! My friend Deanna and I will be going to Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos, and since 10% of sales for that day are going to Doctors Without Borders in the name of Knitters Without Borders, I'm saving up!

Wooohoooo for Yarn Harlot! :D


Michelle said...

HI Meg! Just read your comment on my post and figured I'd hop on over and check out your blog! Fun! Looks like you've got a lot of cool projects going! I think I'm going to have to hit my local Michael's this weekend for stitch marker supplies!

Michelle said...

OH yeah..WHOOOOO HOOOO you get to see the yarn harlot! I'm so jelous!

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