Bonita Progress

Man, I'm so close to being able to finish the back, but we've been busy this weekend.

We decided to undertake painting our bedroom furniture (which is of course free hand-me-down stuff) to match the new bedroom scheme. One coat did NOT do it, and since I spilled some of the paint, the one quart just barely made it. sigh.

Then we thought - hey that spray paint I used on the frames for the prints in the kitchen turned out pretty good - let's try that, might be faster.


It was faster, if you don't mind it looking like CRAP.

If you went back over it enough times to make it look good - if you even could - it would not be faster.

Back to Home Depot for more regular paint.

Another 2 coats later, we're finally OK with it. SHEESH!

Then, DH wanted me to finish another drawing so we could hang the last of the pictures, so I did that, and we hung pictures. Now I'm off to the grocery store, and then back to knitting!!! :D

And remember - good vibes at 1:00 - 2:00 pm Pacific please! interview!!! :D thanks!


ann said...

don't you just love those 'short cuts' that end up costing more time and energy?

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