Better picture...

...of the baby sweater :)
The hat looks worse in this picture, but at least the sweater looks better. :)

In other news, the yarn for my Sizzle showed up! YAY! Sonata in a nice fire-engine-y red (color 3611).
MMMM yummy yarny redness :D

I realize these pictures aren't great - but it's definitely not Christmas yet, so don't expect miracles from the crappy camera :) I messed with them in photoshop to get them this good.

On the job front - 2 rejections for sure, and a couple possible opportunities to do some contract work. Still freaking out, but the contracting work options are making me breathe a bit easier. Still, I could use all the crossed fingers, prayers and good vibes you're willing to send my way...

:) thanks


Kirsten said...

Good vibes being sent your way!
Cute sweater!

Dipsy D. said...

All the best to you - I have all my fingers crossed and sending over a bunch of good vibes from all across the ocean!
Lovely baby sweater by the way, it's so cute!

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