Sexy Knitters Club

Woohoo - NON FRUMP! I've just joined the Sexy Knitters Club, and the knit-along.

I've decided to knit the "
Sizzle" by Wendy Bernard, and just purchased the pattern. I also purchased some cotton yarn on sale at - hopefully, I can work out the gauge correctly, but if not, I like this yarn, so I'll use it for something else :)

I like cotton, and I like red, and this one seems to have some sheen to it - plus, sales are good :D Hopefully it will feel good too...

My problem will be how to finish the Bonita Shirt in time for the KAL - while I am just finished with the waist decreases (2nd diamond in lace pattern), that still leaves an awful lot of knitting to go. I will probably be starting the KAL late - if you follow along with me on this blog, that will most likely become a refrain of mine... I also wanted to make something for a friend of mine that I think will be a rather large project, so hhmmm... some decisions to make soon I think. sigh

Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

I love the sizzle! I'm doing the SKB for the Sexyknitters club. But have the pattern for Sizzle. I love the red color you picked. I'll be waiting to hear how your gauge works out! I'm tring to decide what yarn to use for my Sizzle!

JulieFrick said...

Can't wati to see your sizzle. I'm dying to do the Bonita shirt...thanks for the tip about a KAL!

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