A Little Cheer

Well, I think today is a tough day for everyone, and I hope that you can find a little cheer today.

I decided to count my blessings today, even though they are less than they were early last week - and really, I'm an extremely lucky and blessed person. The big ones are my wonderful husband, great family, and loving and supportive friends who are all helping me through a rather tough time. Thank you all.

I thought it might take my mind of things to post a couple more finished crafty projects, one knitting, one not.


Now, the pillow forms are a bit lumpy - I probably should have stuffed them myself - but they are so much better than the pillows we used to have, that I'm OK with it :)

They're soft and fluffy and comfy to nap on, and they were easy in-front-of-the-TV knitting for quite a while.


These are white Prismacolor pencil on black paper. I drew them for my hubby when he was living far away in Milwaukee for grad school. I like the Arizona one best. :)

But the California and Wisconsin ones turned out OK.

[well, apparently Blogger has decided that's enough pictures for one post, so sorry - I'll post the others so you can actually see them some other time]


Jofrog said...

Wow, those are drawings? You are one artistic gal! If you still consider yourself a newbie (to knitting, not to drawing), I can't wait to see what you come up with in a little bit! The pillows are great. What kind of yarn did you use?

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