Freak Out

I think I deserve to be able to freak out, whether I actually have the luxury or not.
I've been laid off!!!!!!!! UGH!! I will be employed until the end of the month, and then get 2 weeks pay and my accrued PTO cashed out. Seriously, this is so not what I planned to do with my spare time!

It puts rather a damper in the vacation plans - Hawaii in October - right after I get laid off. We're still going, mainly because we probably couldn't cancel anyway, and also a lot of it ends up being free.

Most of my spare time has therefore been spent updating my resume, searching for jobs, getting feedback on my resume, revising my resume, applying for jobs, revising my resume some more... you get the idea.

There is precious little knitting going on around here, but I am rather excited that I fixed a missed yarn-over without ripping out the 6 or so rows back! I was really proud of myself for that. (We're not mentioning that I didn't notice and address the problem before I got 6 or so rows past it - sshhhh) Thank you
Stephanie [scroll down to June 27 & 23], for the inspirational post about S. Kate's surgery of the extremely complicated lace project - I don't know if I'd tackle that, but I figured if the major knitters could do that, I could fix my little psuedo-lace mistake :)

Did I think to take a picture before I attempted the fix? no.

Would my camera have even focused on a detail shot like that? no.

What am I asking for for Christmas? a new digital camera. (well, that and a ball winder - on
super sale right now, but obviously, with the layoff, I'm not buying anything)

Ok, on to more fun things, like more crappy photos! yay! :)
Since this was really a foggy place anyway, I'm ok with this drawing, but I still like the Arizona one best - I think I'm just a contrast girl. But then again...

This one, while obviously the highest contrast, is not my favorite. What can I say, I like the sun.

Check out my portfolio site if you have the inclination, and tell me if any of the links are broken, k?


Kirsten said...

Sorry to hear about your job!

Your drawings are really beautiful. I love the Arizona one too.

I have the same problem with my camera. I'm forever wanting to take close-ups of my yarn or a stitch pattern, and can't. I guess you and I will both be asking Santa for new cameras!

Jofrog said...

Yuck! I'm going through a similar situation, but I'm only looking for work for another month and a half after this job ends and before the baby comes... not many opportunities like that out there!

It sounds like you are making progress though, apply, apply, apply, ...and make sure your resume has no typos! I'm sure you'll find something soon.

ann said...

love your drawings! and will be keeping my fingers crossed that the unemployment is short lived

Meg said...

thank you for your support :) I seem to have a couple of options for contract work while I look for something permanent, so I'm breathing slightly easier...

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