sort of.

So the interview on Monday I thought went really well - and then I called the recruiter today. Well, he actually said they liked me and that they did say no to another candidate, and yes to me - but not definitely. So, they are going to bring someone else on right away for part-time, and because I'm going on vacation for about 10 days (7 business days), my availability doesn't fit for this first role. Which is totally lame because they had told me before that I was the best fit of all the candidates BECAUSE I was going on the vacation and I was less of a risk to hire and then have their start date later as planned. >:( Anyway, then he said that they are going to need a second role and I am "leading the race" for that position and it's a "strong possibility" - which is all well and good except that I won't find out for sure until Oct. 9th.


on a lighter note, I am getting very close to the finish line with Bonita - doesn't look much different except that 1/2 of it is off the needles :) picture once I bind of the front half!

thanks for all your good wishes, I've needed them :)


Jofrog said...

Uhg! Things like this are never cut and dry. There is rarely logic and luck needs to be on your side... well, luck and charisma. You definitely have the charisma, so now we'll be pulling for the luck!

Kirsten said...

I hope it all works out for you. The waiting around to hear must be so difficult.

Your Bonita looks very pretty.

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