So Close

Seriously - I mean, I know there's a bunch of ends to weave in as well (I hid them in the picture because it looks nicer), but look at this!!!

I mean really, SO CLOSE!!!!

I need more knitting time people, what's with all this work!?

and working extra hours!?!? who invented that?!?!

When it's this close, can you justify taking time off to just FINISH?!?!

Well, maybe if you hadn't just been laid off.

Or maybe if you had just been laid off, but you already found a new permanent postition.

At least the contracts for these 2 weeks before vacation are going pretty well. Except one where I couldn't do much work until yesterday at 3pm - which means I have only been able to work about 8 hours so far, instead of the 20 I expected to work.


Once I finish, and weave in all the ends and stuff, I'll take a mirror picture to show you :)

have a great weekend everyone!


Roseann said...

Gorgeous sweater! I can't wait to see it modeled for us.

You are in what I call the "possessed to knit" phase of your project. When I am at this point, all I want to do is get it finished no matter how inconvenient it is to knit on.

Congratulations on your new job!

JulieFrick said...

Go! Go! Go! You're definitely in the home stretch.

Ginger said...

My Mum's struggling with this piece at the moment. She's knitting the "Back" on page 96 of this pattern and she's stuck at last sentence of finishing off the "Back". The bit about "at the same time" is confusing, plus she couldn't find the "see Notes" ! Well, I must say Mum's admiring your work of art everyday, trying to get inspiration to complete this piece.

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