Bonita Progress Update - and YARN HARLOT!!!

Well, it's been an interesting week - but it's too upsetting to talk about it now (plus I'm under obligation until end-of-day Tuesday not to talk about it) sigh
It's just a sad day all around isn't it?

However, I do have some fun things to show you!

Progress Update

Into the increase rows of waist shaping - and yes, that is the top half of the 3rd diamond!! YAY! I brought this to the Yarn Harlot at
Full Thread Ahead
over the weekend, and (this is almost completely unprecedented) I actually WON something! Good grief!

I was apparently the one with the most unconventional stitchmarkers in the place (with about 300 knitters there even!), because they're earring backs with beads on them, and the main one is a frog (or
maybe a chipmunk, I can never tell for sure). This picture is obviously very weird - I think I've figured it out, my camera does not understand that I want it to take a detail picture, even when I use the zoom function.

My friend Deanna made them for me, and then wasn't able to be there to see me win! She was very sad to miss the harlot, and I think she may have been the one to win if she were there. :)

Here's what I won:

Stitch markers from Giblin Glass Works - they're very cool, my crappy camera does not do them justice. Four are pink, and one is black, but all of them have something cool and irridescent about them - I love them :)

Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot - what can I say? She is awesome! She was totally funny - I must have laughed out loud at least 100 times - and everything she talks about really resonates, even though I've only been knitting for a little while :) I really enjoyed it, and wish I could have stuck around longer!


Kemma said...

Congrats on winning the groovy stitch markers. You were knitting some great stuff there, out in the hot-hot sun while we waited for Stephanie.

Lu said...

I have your pic here:

if you want to grab it

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