Non-knitting News - It's a Boy!

... dog that is. :)

He's a cutie - SO sweet and lovey-dovey. He's hanging out with me all day when I'm working at home. His name is Muggsy, and we LOVE him!

We've had him for about two weeks, but while we were away, we had to send him to be doggy-sat because it was too overwhelming for him to be in a new place, with new people, and with 3 other new dogs for 5 days or so. We missed him tons though, and are happy to have him home again permanently.

He is SUCH a smart dog too - we have to be careful about locking the door into the garage from the house or he wants to follow us wherever we go! hehehe He even opened the door to the backyard (which opens inward) while were were at the gym last night! Our floors will never be the same, but we LOVE him! :D


Jofrog said...

Oooh, what fun! Welcome home Muggsy!

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