Those notebooks I mentioned? STILL AWESOME!

I love my Circa Notebook!!!  I think if I had known about this thing longer, I could have been a much more organized person.

Drawback: I have too many projects to fit all in one book! hahahaha :) I've already added a set of 10 tabs, and then added sub-tabs that are stick-on ones from Avery because I just needed more than 10 divisions - sheesh!  do you think maybe there's a lot going on at work?  I certainly do...

I have already printed, punched and added documents of my own: a tab index, training program calendar, to-do lists, and a cheat sheet for "SMART" goals.  So far, I obviously really like this whole Circa/Rollabind design :)


Robyn said...

I love organizing and stuff like that. Problem is, I only stick with it for like, a week!

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