New Knitting pics

there has actually been knitting!

My new nephew!! I'm an AUNT!! :)
Isn't he the cutest little thing?

The sweater is the Pure & Sweet Layette from Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Nursery.

It's not too hard, although I really couldn't get the hang of the embroidery (confirming that I am NOT a sew-er).  I wish it came in bigger sizes though, not just newborn!

Fits the little man relatively well it looks like - he was 7lbs, 14oz at birth, so a good sized boy. :)

This horrible picture of me is accompanied by a Baby Raglan.  This is the super-easy Raglan Sweater pattern from The Baby Knits Book (although I got it online somewhere) by Debbie Bliss.  I ran out of yarn, of course not realizing until I had already knit too far, so went back to Yarn Dogs for some more of the yarn for stripes.  I think it turned out pretty well :)

Baby to match the raglan has now joined us, congratulations to my dear friends & big sister! 

He won't be able to wear his sweater for a while though - I think this is the 6-9 months size.

I also finished the "N" Sweater.  It's the Knitty Double Scoop pattern by Gail Pfeifle, with my own charted "N."

I'm not super happy with my intarsia.  It's very lumpy where I had to change colors & weave in ends, but if you look at it from a little farther away, it's OK. 

The little one likes it, so I guess that's all that matters, especially since she's willing to wear it even though it's really too warm. hahahaha :)

And finally, the in-progress Fair Isle Jacket, also by Debbie Bliss, from Essential Knits for Kids

This is my first attempt at fair isle, and it's actually not too bad!  I'm not looking forward to weaving in ends, but I think the pattern is actually turning out pretty well.

I've finished the back & left front, and just started the right front.  Picked up some ribbon, and will need to hunt up some buttons, but I think I either have some, or can find some without too much trouble.    Hopefully I'll finish it soon, and she can actually use it this summer!


Ashleigh said...

Your knitting is beautiful. I'm dying to learn how to knit. Can I learn from a book? Any good beginners suggestions??

Meg said...

Hi Ashleigh, thank you!
I believe that most pattern books have basic knitting instructions, but I would suggest going to a local yarn store and asking for help, or taking a class - or even finding someone you know to show you at first. It's much easier to grasp if you can see it moving in real life, and have someone help you with the motions your first time. There are also great videos on - if you can't find someone to teach you, or get stuck when you're alone, they would be a great reference.

Best of luck! I love knitting, totally makes me happy & reduces stress, I highly recommend it ;)

Ashleigh said...

Thanks Meg! I never thought of you tubing it or something. I'll keep you updated.

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