Cool free project instructions from Interweave!

Got an email from Interweave Press (I'm a member of the Knitting Daily distribution list), and though I would share!  They are offering 16 free project instruction packages (multiple projects in each) from all their many crafty/artistic facets... 

I downloaded a couple of the beading ones, a mixed media art one, a quilting one that had ideas to make things out of ties.  

The quilting out of ties is something special for my family because my uncle died a few years ago, and left lots of fabulous ties that we all felt were very indicative of his personality.  He was a defense lawyer, and would always dress "to-the-nines" for court, and his ties were really pretty cool.  My cousin always wanted to make something special out of them, but I don't know if she's actually done anything yet.  I sent her the pdf, so we'll see! :) 


Ashleigh @ Signing The Dish said...

Hey Meg, Thanks for the info. I joined a felting class!! Do you know anything about it? Not super sure what it is, but am excited anyway. It starts in July so I'm sure I'll be posting felted carrots and felted pork chops ;)

Meg said...

sure! :) I haven't really done any felting, but it looks like fun - there are LOTS of super-cute patterns out there for felting bags and toys and slippers... and, and, and hahaha :) Hope you have a great time with it - let me know how you like it!

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