Awesome Notebooks

So, at work recently, we have discovered these really cool notebooks that you can sort of re-arrange & refill, adjust the size, add tabbed dividers, etc., etc., etc. - but the kicker is they flip open to LAY FLAT while you're writing on top of all that - and you can even flip the cover around to the back like a regular spiral notebook!  And they're not heavy like a binder.  

I am so stinking excited about this!!! I know, I'm a complete dork, please forgive me - but actually, if you read this blog, you already knew that. ;)  They are a bit expensive, for sure, BUT, if you use it for work, and can expense it, awesome.  Plus, you can get a hole-punch for them, and make your own refills or pages of any type anytime you want.


Waiting for a co-worker to get back from vacation, and then we're all going to order them! :)


Erica Leis said...

We use these at work all the time and love them! I am forever hooked!!!

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